Killing Kardashian a Hollywood Satire book soon to be a movie

Killing Kardashian A Hollywood Satire Book.

THE KILLER was a twisted psychopath who had spent a lifetime preparing for this one day. He needed to make a statement. Something Biblical.  Epic. Comparable to the Friday when JFK was shot, or the Tuesday the Twin Towers fell, this day had to be remembered long after he was gone.

And because the Killer was a cunning man, the day he chose for his slaughter was Halloween. A holiday he could hide behind a mask and walk amongst the costumed revelers on the looney tunes LA streets, and no one would be the wiser.

For, he had only twenty-four hours to accomplish his objective.  No more, no less. After that, the LAPD, and the FBI would be all over him.  And even though the psychopath was well planned, he imagined that Killing the Kardashians with their complex schedules and airtight security, would be an impossible feat at best.

Still he had to try.   Something had to be done.

Killing Kardashian a Hollywood Satire book soon to be a movie

THE MARINE was born a hot-tempered Irishman, who wanted to be a Screenwriter long before he ever thought about being John Wayne, and everyday he penned stories about larger than life heroes into his journal, while dreaming in Technicolor about a decadent Hollywood future, complete with a hot actress girlfriend and a ‘Magnum PI’ Ferrari.

All he had to do was sell that first spec script about his life in the Delta Force, then his show biz life would fall right into place.  So what he didn’t have an agent?  So what he would be venturing into a fading industry, where cheap reality TV executives were replacing the towns best writers.  He didn’t care. He was manufactured at Parris Island! Built to persevere, designed to adapt, overcome and achieve! God would never make a racehorse out of a donkey, and Gunnery Sergeant Roscoe Patrick Cahill was convinced that the good lord above created him specifically to be one of Hollywood’s greatest screenwriters! Pity the fool who gets in his way!

Killing Kardashian a Hollywood Satire Book.

Killing Kardashian a Hollywood Satire book soon to be a movie

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About the Author

John Jetsyn Tache wrote for the CBS Military Drama JAG. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Boston College and resides in Southern California and Boston, Massachusetts.


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Killing Kardashian a Hollywood Satire book soon to be a movie


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All of the events described in this book are fictitious and solely the work of the author’s imagination. No person or company referenced in this book endorses this book or gave permission to be the subject of the author’s satire. This book is not intended to incite violence against anyone or anyplace. The celebrities being depicted in this literary work are done so in jest and thus making the depictions inaccurate and untrue.

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